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Other Great Digital Watch Sites








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DWF.NU Digital Watch Forum

Very large and comprehensive mechanical, LCD and LED watch forum, Largest membership on the web so there should be somebody there that can help.

Ians Records

Ians Records vintage vinyl record shop. I know its not a digital watch site but I built it for my uncle and hes cool so he can have a free plug, he also has 60,000 vintage vinyl records for sale and really know his stuff. If your into retro vinyl go over and have a look and ask as he has thousands of records not listed, tell him I sent you he may even give you a discount.

Pulsar LED Watches

Excellent site dedicated to the Old Pulsar LED watches manufactured from 1972 through 1977.

Monde Watch

Takaharus stunning site of extremely rare and beautiful digital watches. Excellently photographed. Check out uber rare Seiko Ana-digis. Takaharu also wrote the superb Mondo Watch LED and LCD volumes. An absolute must for the digital watch collector.

Pulsar LED watches

The Official Time Computer Digital Wristwatch Website. This site is dedicated to the Old Pulsar LED watches manufactured from 1972 through 1977. You'll enjoy browsing through the Virtual Museum where you can find just about all the information there is about:

What is it with men and their watches?

Interesting article in the Guardian about Mans passion with his beloved watch.

In my opinion - An LCD Watch Blog

Great blog site with very cool "How to" articles on saving and restoring digital watches as well as tons more useful information on mainly Casio digital watches

klayymann's Casio Catalogues

The indispensable Casio Catalogues 1980, 1982, 1985 and 1986

WATCH. History of the modern wrist watch.

A stunning book and an absolute must for the serious modern watch collector. It took Pieter Doensen 15 years of research to accumulate the information to create this book. Click the link and get a 1st edition copy from Pieter(if you are lucky he may even sign it for you). "WATCH" is an important book which covers the technical and historical development of the modern wrist watch. In its 256 pages, "WATCH" includes 650 full colour illustrations photographed by the famous Dutch photographer Erik Hesmerg. "WATCH" will be the first published and internationally released work of reference on this topic.

Pocket Calculator Show Digital Watch Forum

Great forum with really helpful members, with a massive knowledge of digital watches. Go and have a look round the rest of the site its well worth a visit

Soviet Digital Electronics Museum

Interesting site featuring vintage Soviet electronics, section on watches and digtal alarm clocks. All in Russian but easy to navigate and well worth a visit.

History of the Solar Wristwatch

History of solar watches including many digitals nicely laid out in a year by year table.

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